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Planned Giving
Think your estate is too small for a will? Think again. Everyone needs a will. If you don’t take the opportunity to express your wishes, the government will do it for you, but maybe not according to your desires. Moreover, with wise planning, you can provide just as much for your children (if not more) and, at the same time, leave something behind for the Lord’s use in his church. Having an up-to-date Will and Estate Plan gives you peace of mind. With careful planning while yet alive we can minimize exposure to taxes. At death, we can leave a parting gift to our heirs, and, at the same time, say “thank you” to God for his rich blessings of body and soul. We can practice Christian stewardship during life, and also at life’s end.

There are two common ways to include the church in your estate plan. First, you can direct a certain asset or a specific sum of money (e.g. cash, life insurance, stock real estate, etc.). Second, you can direct a percentage of your estate (called a “percentage bequest”). If you have interest in doing this, please consult with an attorney.

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