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We have been praying for Godís direction, and I believe now is the time for all of us to join together and equip our church and school ministries to have a greater impact in our community and world. Ignited is a two-year ministry initiative that is born out of our mission statement. God has positioned us to make an impact with his Gospel. We are all being Ignited to teach Godís children, to grow in our personal faith, and to serve our community here in Watertown and beyond. Ignited may be the most ambitious effort yet that weíve made as a congregation, challenging ourselves to live lives of generosity through Him.

Ignited will enable Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and School to make a real and significant difference in the lives of those who know the Lord, and in the lives of those in our community who havenít yet met Him. The goals of Ignited stir the imagination and are achievable for our congregation!

Together we can accomplish great things!
Church Vision
My Ignited Generosity
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$__________ What I normally give in a year.
$__________ My expanded generosity for IGNITED
$__________ x2 years = $___________
$__________ Gifts from my stored resources
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